Established in the year 2000, ZENX is a leading Australian design practice with head office in Brisbane, Australia and associated office in Guangzhou, PR China.  Through this time, the ZENX team has built an impressive portfolio here and abroad.  Specialising in master-planning, architecture and landscape architecture, ZENX has established itself as a firm recognised for excellence in design.


Based in Brisbane, ZENX Architects is active in Queensland & broader local markets.  Our distinctive client service features a commitment to design quality, which delivers projects that successfully meet the needs of clients, communities and their environments.  Our master-planning & architectural design projects include master-planned communities, mixed-use developments and medium to large-scale projects across most property sectors.


ZENX Guangzhou Architectural Design Consultancy offers multi-disciplinary design service to a large spectrum of clients. From humble beginnings in the Pearl River Delta of South China, we have gradually developed into a major player in the Chinese market.  ZENX has completed projects throughout China’s major cities, which span residential, commercial, industrial, hotel, education & cultural sectors.




We believe the fundamentals of architectural design are:


TIME is the historical context. All phases of history are linked, and our awareness of time applies as much to city planning and urban design as to architecture and interior design.

PEOPLE are the cultural connections. We recognise the variations between cultures, people and their specific needs. Our approach to architectural design responds to these important differences, whether they are great or subtle.

PLACE is the environmental setting.  Certain places can afford certain building types, in a similar way that certain types of soil are best suited to certain crops.  A well-designed building is a unique response to a particular place: its micro climate, local materials and geography.


So we believe the task for us, as responsible architects, is to design appropriately for time, people and place.  ZENX’s design philosophy emphasises teamwork where different professions and disciplines are brought together to share the same values, objectives and goals. We believe that through our commitment to excellence in design and planning, we will deliver optimum property solutions in partnership with our clients.




ZENX offers a team specialising in architecture, urban design, master-planning and landscape architecture. 

We provide full design services in these fields with the ability to tailor our offering to suit the individual needs of clients and projects.  Our supporting team members consist of a range of professional and allied designers, including interior designers, 3D visualisation specialists and graphic designers. 

ZENX has extensive experience collaborating with client organisations and diversified project teams. We have a depth of culture, experience and resources, which we draw upon to provide the best possible service to meet our clients' needs.



From planning the largest emerging community to design of sensitive metropolitan infill, we are experienced placemakers at the urban scale. 

Over many years ZENX has supported the unparalleled urbanisation in China and we understand the importance of a long-term vision and understanding each site's unique attributes - the cultural and environmental setting. 

Our extensive urban design and master-planning project portfolio includes:

/    Master-planned communities

/    Residential developments and subdivisions

/    Commercial precincts and business parks

/    Retail and bulky goods centres

/    High-tech and general industrial subdivisions

/    Hotels, resorts and exhibition centres

/    Cultural and education facilities

/    Mixed-use developments



ZENX understands the value of providing quality design solutions, from prefeasibility concept design assessments through to the finished project. 

Our commitment to a responsive and efficient service, and our substantial experience with commercial property imperatives, delivers great value for money for our clients. 

ZENX takes pride in resolving a genuine balance between competing criteria for each project, in order to create meaningful spaces which are practical to build, attractive to sell or lease and enriching to occupy. 

Our architectural project portfolio spans the following sectors:

/    Multi-residential

/    Commercial

/    Retail

/    Office

/    Industrial

/    Tourism

/    Cultural

/    Education

/    Mixed use developments